Степанов Борис Юрьевич (aviator_bob) wrote,
Степанов Борис Юрьевич


Первая победа...

Как говорится новичкам везет, экипаж из 46 сквадрона Королевского Аэро-Корпуса завалил командира 27-й ясты лейтенанта Ганса фон Койделя, аса с 12-ю победами.
On 15th February 1917 flying a Nieuport 12, 2nd Lt Pratt and Observer 2nd Lt Bryers of 46 Squadron had a scrap with Ltn Hans von Keudell of Jasta 27.

Nieuport 20 A6740. This photo was taken at Lilbourne, probably when it was serving with 84 Squadron. It had served in 45 Sqdn in April/May 1917, then was flown to England on 7 May 1917.
Tags: aces high, deutsches reich, dogfight, рыжие бобики

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