Степанов Борис Юрьевич (aviator_bob) wrote,
Степанов Борис Юрьевич

11 Jasta...

A lot of more photographs and information are in existence...
Manfred Thiemeyer.

This is a photo with Jasta 11 at La Brayelle in Autumn 1916. At the right the Faubourg d'Esquerchin is seen, at the top Petite Cuincy, and below the airfield we have the Brayelle ferme.

La Brayelle airfield was situated on a top, you may call it a hill.
Standing on the airfield you could hardly see the horizon, only the rooftops of buildings are visible in the distance.
Here are three panoramic views (strips) from my collection of Jasta 11 photographs at La Brayelle airfield, Autumn 1916/Winter 1917.
Tags: curse you red baron!, deutsches reich, jagdflieger

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