January 30th, 2020

авиатор Боб

Еще раз о "пичальке"...

Я публиковал уже это фото: https://aviator-bob.livejournal.com/147617.html?utm_source=fbsharing&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR3McpQlyDuYcbcV5b-csqgFE5hL5t_Pk0myOs2uw4AFdVs3cDUHtsYo2xI
Наконец то, продолжение этой истории, мне написал в "мордор-книгу" Золтан Чирок (Zoltán Czirók), интересующийся как и ваш покорный слуга войной в небесах восточного фронта. Его версия случившегося такова:

"Dear Boris,
do you still look for information on this Roland D.II?
Here is a reports of Hgr. Linsingen that may help:
Vizefeldwebel Kahl of Kampfeinsitzerstaffel Osiekrow (FA(A) 283) had an air fight with a Nieuport and a Farman over Torczyn on 14. August and during this his plane got ca. 20 shots from the machine gun of the Nieuport and he was also hit by a bullet on his right foot. He landed behind the German second position after flying over the enemy frontlines in 50 m height. The fighter enemy pilot could be Starshiy unterofitser Kanygin of the 4th Siberian KAO who claimed an enemy aircraft shot down which fell behind the enemy lines near Zaturtsi."